XPadOne User Manual (Click Here)

XPadOne is a reboot of the current keybinder programs that are out there.
It has been designed to fix the issues that plague the other keybinder apps previously available.


There is a better way to do it now!

Why is it better than JoyToKey, or the others out there? Because I took what those programs lack or have issues with and coded mine to handle keyboard and mouse control more effectively. The mouse movement control is smooth and accurate. The app is light and has a small footprint.

Compatible with any game and has a windows mode built in so you can control your entire computer from your sofa or couch, using the on screen keyboard.
(On Screen Keyboard works in game too)

The first reason I use gamepad over keyboard and mouse for a lot of my games is due to an injury to my hand that makes it tiring and problematic to use keyboard and mouse for extended periods of time. Using a gamepad is often a better option.

Use it with Open Broadcaster hotkeys!! This is second reason I coded my own keybind program. The others out there would not work with Open Broadcaster (at least the ones I tried). I wanted to bind my controller to have a push-to-talk key in Open Broadcaster for when I stream…now I can! (and I don’t have to buy a footpedal to perform push to talk)

You can use most any directinput controller (doesn’t necessarily have to be an XBox controller, just has to work in windows natively)

There are free trial keys so you can try it out for 15 days with all features active, to see how it works for you.

After the 15 days, XPadOne will continue to function with some features disabled and you will be limited to only a single profile.

If you wish to restore full feature access, consider purchasing a standard license key.

After you receive your standard license key, simply click the upgrade button on the Trial Key welcome message and import the new key file.

Software Interface