For Windows 7, 8, 10 PCs

-Total keyboard and mouse control with your gamepad (NO USER DETECTABLE INPUT LAG)!
-Bind ANY keyboard keys to the gamepad and control the mouse!


TWITCH /commercial hotkey combo:

-Pressing Menu (start button) and then A button together will send “/commercial” to chat (if you have your cursor in there) and it will press ENTER immediately after to send message

Keep Awake function:

-Checking this box will keep your computer from going to screensaver or sleep (press any key or uncheck the checkbox to disable)

Hot Keybinding:
-This means you can bind and rebind keys while still in your game!  There is no need to open the app or ‘alt+tab’ to bind keys.

Multiple Profiles:
-You can add multiple game configurations and save them independently of each other

Auto Profile / Windows Detection:
-Once you have added a game profile, XPadOne will detect if a game in your profile is launched and automatically make sure the correct profile is set active for it.

(it will save any unsaved profile info of the previous profile, if it must switch profiles)

– If you click the ‘Gamepad Enhanced’ button or right-click the tray icon and switch ‘Gamepad Enhanced’ to ‘Gamepad Normal’, your gamepad will go into normal operating mode.

(If a game from the profiles is detected, it will automatically re-engage the correct profile for you while the game is running and then disengage to normal gamepad mode when you exit the game, until you manually reactivate ‘Gamepad Enhanced’ mode.  Having ‘Gamepad Enhanced’ mode enabled is how you use mouse mode to control normal Windows in a non-game environment.)

-If you are in Windows or using a non-game application, XPadOne will leave mouse control and onscreen keyboard functions active (if you leave Gamepad Enhanced mode Enabled).

Mouse Control:
-Toggle mouse control (Hold Both Stick Buttons)

Mouse Scroll:
-In mouse mode, toggle active mouse stick button and press analog stick in an up/down direction to scroll

On Screen Keyboard:
-Hold View Button for  On-Screen Keyboard when mouse mode is activated

Voice Push-To-Talk Bind:
-Bind your voice push to talk button to the Guide Button (PS button or X button)

  • It is a toggle  On / Off

(Push toggles talk on, push again keys off)

  • Holding Guide Button still shuts down the controller while simultaneously disables push-to-talk

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